Justin received his bachelors degree from Michigan State University in Criminal Justice and specialized in security management and intelligence analysis.  Shortly after college he began working on a security detail at Horne Travel Consulting, LLC where he attended two personal security detail courses at Blackwater Training Facility.  In 2010, Justin joined the U.S. Department of Energy as a Federal Agent tasked with protecting the nations' nuclear arsenal.  There he became a designated marksman for his tactical team.  Justin currently supports the country's national security efforts.

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Denver brings over 20 years of experience from the military, civilian and federal law enforcement realm. Denver was the Top Gun graduate from the Federal Agent Academy he attended.  He was a Vehicle Commander for a federal agency for 12 years and his training included breaching, CQB, surveillance and counter surveillance and emergency vehicle operations.  Denver was also part of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Special Response Team. Additionally, Denver was a Deputy Sheriff in Northern California and is currently a Professor of National Security for the University of New Haven.