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"I just wanted to say thanks again for getting us set up with the class. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am excited to be able to bring greater confidence to my acting pursuits. All of you guys did a great job with us, and I'm grateful that you're all willing to share your experience and help us out!​"



Basic Tactical Acting Workshop

  • Cop Jargon
  • Holding A Weapon
  • Holster Presentation
  • Speed/Tactical Reloads
  • Shooting Stances
  • Presenting A Weapon

​​Advanced Tactical Acting Workshop

  • Review of Basic Tactical Acting Workshop
  • Advanced Room Clearing (CQB)
  • Complex Verbal Commands
  • Transition Drills

Duns # 079094875

Learn tactics and techniques used in today's film industry involving military, tactical and police roles. Learn how to handle and manipulate multiple firearms, footwork (close quarter battle/CQB), stunts and verbiage are just a few things. Our instructors are former panelists in last year's NM film conference and mentioned in the current issue of the Emmy's Magazine https://www.emmys.com/news/online-originals/answering-call.

Our Instructors are SAG-AFTRA and current or former federal agents (tactical team members), former APD detective, veteran U.S. Army and Air Force and former California police officers to name a few.  Learn from those with the tactical AND film background and get the edge over your competitors. Come have a safe and fun day with us and get a certificate and demo clip for your acting reel. Take the challenge and sign up now. 

You're only as effective as your training.

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